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Review Policy

My blog, Pitter Patter Travelers, is a voluntary effort focused on children’s and young adult books set in specific locales. When my schedule permits, I accept children’s and YA titles (including picture books) set in specific locations for potential review.  Merely mentioning a location is not sufficient.  The location’s history, culture, points of interest etc. must be woven through the plot line.  Books created because of a location as in someone goes to visit… which do not have a substantial plot line outside of visiting points A, B and C are generally not suitable for review.  Therefore, I accept very few books for review, only those that particularly capture my interest and that meet the guidelines below.

I enjoy all types of fiction and nonfiction, but I don’t review books in which the “message” overwhelms the story as the point of this blog is to review books that entice a child to learn more or travel to a location.  To get a sense of the types of books I review, please look through the books I have reviewed. I am most interested in books that will get children and young adults excited about traveling and learning more about other places.

My acceptance of a review copy from an author or publisher does not guarantee that I will write a review, that my review will be uniformly positive, or that I will get to the book within a particular time period.   My guideline for deciding to write a review is based on our family’s view of the book, not whether or not I received a review copy.  Generally 1 of every 5 books we read regardless of source makes it onto the website.  I always disclose if a book has been sent to me for review.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this policy. If you are still interested in offering a book for potential review, you can reach me at pattertravelers [at] gmail [dot] com. I will do my best to respond to all requests to review books.