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Review:Marvelous Cornelius- New Orleans with children

Review:Marvelous Cornelius- New Orleans with children

  • Author: Pattertravelers
  • Date Posted: Nov 18, 2015
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  • Address: 1380 Port of New Orleans Pl., New Orleans, LA

“‘Rat-a-tat-Tat! Rat-a-tat-Tat!’ He strummed the side when it was time to move. ‘Hootie Hoo!  Hootie Hoo! Hootie Hooooo!’  His favorite call of all.  Showtime!” The music, the hum of the city, street bands, jazz festivals, parades, and one man bands, all are part of the sound, energy and spirit that make up New Orleans.  After Hurricane Katrina, those sounds were temporarily silenced as people fled for safety.

Marvelous Cornelius is a folk story based on a sanitation worked named Cornelius Washington who took pride in his job and was definitely a showman.  He was a “man who could twirl 70-pound garbage cans “like a ballerina,” bend his arms “like a human crane” to scoop up several boxes, and fire small bags into a truck with machine-gun-like rapidity(1).”  After Katrina, New Orleans was down but not out and Cornelius was one of the many people who helped to bring it back.

While many people think of New Orleans as an adult playground, the city has a lot to offer families.   You can visit faithfully recreated homes such as the 1850 house, tour the city on a ferry, find out more about Voodoo in the wax museum, listen to jazz on an old fashioned steamboat and of course learn more about Mardi Gras and the fabulous parades at The Presbytère.  See what the city has to offer at:

Even after the devastation of Katrina, the spirit of the city continues and even after the flooding, “the old ladies whistled and whirled.  The old men hooted and hollered.  The barbers, bread twirlers, and beignet bakers bounded behind the one-man parade.”

Interested in adding Marvelous Cornelius to your child’s library?  Click here:  Marvelous Cornelius.

Learn more about the real Cornelius in action at (1)

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