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Orani: My Father’s Village – Italy with children

Orani: My Father’s Village – Italy with children

  • Author: Pattertravelers
  • Date Posted: Sep 30, 2015
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  • Address: Orani, Italy

“In a sea of breathtaking blue, where dolphins leaped and plunged in play, lay an island.” The opening line draws you into the author’s childhood adventures in Sardinia where her father was born, and the differences between the town and her home in New York City.  After hour after hour of travel (there are definitely times when travel seems interminable, but it is always worth the trip!), the car stops and is surrounded by her family.  The sun drenched images capture the pace of life on the island and the innocence of childhood.  With her crowd of cousins, the author is set loose to explore the town  picking fruit from the trees, getting ice cream from the cafe, and receiving holiday biscuits and chocolates from the old women everywhere.  Life in Orani is savored by the moment as the author leads us down shadowed little streets into the sun-drenched piazza of her childhood.

From the opening line of Orani: My Father’s Village, Sardinia became a place I would love to visit, not that an island in the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and Africa wasn’t on my list, this just moved it further up to a place that looks like a fabulous escape.  While the Sardinia of the book is a suspended snapshot of a bygone era, Sardinia’s mountains and beaches are still beautiful and family friendly and it is a wonderful place to visit and explore.

If you’d like to add Orani:  My Father’s Village to your child’s book collection, click here: Orani: My Father’s Village.

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